Participation of the SMSA Magel Bel Abbes in BioFach

Team of Magel bel Abbes participated in the study tour to the margin of BioFach Germany from 11 to 17 February 2016

Germany remains one of the few European countries to have a healthy economy with a balanced budget balance. Everything is positive and consumption and purchasing power are displayed on the rise.

 Mission setting :

The PAD project provides active groups in the pistachio industry in Kasserine the opportunity to identify and contact potential customers around the world to get them used to participate in fairs and market access..

This is our first visit as SMSA a broad and large fair where all countries of the world were presented from 11 to 17 February 2016.

Objectif of the mission :

  • Have an idea about the presentation and exhibition of organic products in international fairs such as Biofach.
  • Contact exhibitors of organic products (buyers and sellers) and hardware vendors needed for packaging pistachios.
  • Develop our ideas and the brand image of our mutual society "MAGEL BEL ABBES" and organic products that we are spirit to produce.
  • To evaluate these products to existing and potential customers and their demands in the international market..

During the said contacts and visits we have accumulated knowledge and expertise that can help us to develop the SMSA zelfene we want to be a real lever for development of the value chain of the prickly pear bio kasserine.


  • This mission took place in good conditions.
  • The planned objectives have been achieved, we are satisfied.

Important notes :

  • Contact several exhibitors
  • Contact several Tunisian officials, Moroccans, Algerians, Germans, French, Swiss, Americans and other countries were contacted by our group
  • Many promises were given to our group SMSA..